NTP has extensive experience in removing asbestos from contaminated soil in the former Harderwijk (West-NL) and Goor (East-NL) manufacturing sites.

In 1993, asbestos was banned in Germany and in 2005 EU-wide.

Not only the numerous products with asbestos shares are today a consuming disposal supply. Even the soil in exposed locations may be so contaminated with asbestos fibers that it needs to be rehabilitated. Both in the asbestos factories and in the environment (gardens and allotments), the soil was disproportionately contaminated with asbestos fibers. Since 2007, NTP extensively refurbished the production sites and their environment in two major projects. NTP is certified and has the complete equipment to remove asbestos fibers from the ground in accordance with legal regulations. NTP will be pleased to take on the complete project management with all the environmental aspects to be considered.