Coevorden - the Netherlands
Province of Drenthe
2018 - 2019

In the past, NTP had already made a contribution to the restoration of the historic city centre as part of the Centrum Plan Coevorden project. Now, a major project has started at the Holwert Zuid business park, which is adjacent to the Coevorden city centre.

The City of Coevorden has been working on repurposing the Holwert Zuid business park for a number of years, with the aim of making the area functional once more. Holwert Zuid is part of the entrance to the city and the parties intend to return the adjacent star-shaped city moat to its former glory. The plans to restructure Holwert Zuid had stagnated in the past due to extensive soil contamination, to such an extent that it was labelled an emergency location. As a result of the presence of the Chromium plating company Chroom Plating Coevorden, the soil was contaminated with significant amounts of chlorinated degreasers, which now remain in the soil as a residual product.

Together, the Province of Drenthe and City of Coevorden developed a complete restructuring plan for the area in collaboration with Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling and Esprit Projectontwikkeling. Within a short period of time, the former business park will be transformed into a shopping and residential area with ample parking facilities. NTP won the contracts for remediating the topsoil, preparing the site for construction and developing a remediation solution for groundwater contamination within the construction team, as well as setting up the construction pit for the northern shopping complex. Recently, the province approved the final design for the proposed groundwater remediation setup and gave NTP and its partner, Bioclear, the green light.

This project has a total contract value of more than EUR 2.2 million and lets NTP make the most of its expertise in Infrastructure, Environment & Construction. During the time set aside for this project, many activities will be carried out simultaneously. This requires a high degree of expertise, discipline and coordination from NTP and the other parties involved in the project, such as utility companies, environmental support agencies and the contractors & subcontractors involved in constructing the shops that will populate the area. This must all be done in a relatively small area, which must also remain accessible for public traffic to pass through.