In cooperation with the government, businesses and institutions, we create more functional and sustainable infrastructural, environmental and engineering designs for our surroundings in a safe, healthy fashion. We believe that working together with our customers, chain partners and end users at an early stage leads to the best end results. Thanks to the structure of our organisation, which consists of 9 board members, 3 branches and 200 employees within various units, listening to each other to arrive at the best solutions is an integral part of our culture.

Customer and cost-oriented
Our people are committed and have plenty of common sense. They are skilled professionals who always keep an eye on costs and strive for transparency. For us, shared (project) interests always come first. We are reliable and aim for maximum quality. We are a regional contracting company, which keeps us close to our customers. We are loyal to our customers and experience reciprocal loyalty in return.

Socially responsible and vital
NTP Enviro takes an active approach towards fulfilling its role in society and taking its social responsibility. We invest in students and people who are far removed from the labour market, as well as taking good care of our own colleagues. We are passionate about what we do and about our lives outside of work, which means that vitality and sustainability play a prominent role in our organisation and strategy. 

We have an active programme in place that stimulates vitality and health, aimed at keeping our colleagues feeling healthy and full of energy inside and outside the office.

Sustainable Living Environment
Circularity and a sustainable living environment are clear-cut priorities for us. In addition to taking measures that save energy and resources within our organisation and projects, we are constantly searching for new methods and technologies that can help us bring sustainability into practice. The various branches of and disciplines in the NTP Group act to encourage each other and innovate, allowing us to achieve the best possible results in our projects and processes.